Who We Are

ArgosRM was founded by a network of quality and product risk management professionals who share the philosophy that a fundamental part of doing business is the ability to quantitatively assess risks so as to proactively implement effective measures to mitigate these risks in an organization. In providing a value-added service to our clients, ArgosRM uses a strategy of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) to develop and implement product quality and safety solutions for our clients.

Our team consists of industry professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Risk Assessment, Crisis Management, Product Safety, Quality Systems, Emerging Issues, Six Sigma and Change Management. Although our team’s expertise spans the spectrum of product safety and quality, we are aligned with the one single philosophy that Risk Management should be the strategic intent of all high performing organizations and implemented in a manner that permeates all aspects of the organization’s way of doing business.

Our Mission

ArgosRM will demonstrate a professional, collaborative approach to providing Integrated Risk Management solutions for our clients in order to mitigate risks to their company’s Brand Integrity and Equity. We will always conduct business in a professional and ethical manner with the paramount goal being to exceed our clients’ expectations.

P.R.I.D.E.   •  Our core values

At ArgosRM we are proud of the value-added services that we provide to our clients. Equally, we are proud of the extensive knowledge base of our qualified team of professionals and their achievements with our clients’ organizations. Therefore, it is only fitting that we choose the acronym PRIDE to capture the essence of ArgosRM’s core organizational values:

P. Proactive in our approach to finding solutions and providing a value-added service for our clients

R. Responsive to the Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Process and Voice of our Team Members

I. Integrity will be the norm in the way we conduct business with our clients and within the ArgosRM organization

D. Diligent in generating the best solutions for our clients to ensure nothing less than Total Customer Satisfaction

E. Excellence is paramount for ArgosRM and will be demonstrated in all aspects of our business relationships

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to:  info@argosrm.com


Our Team

ArgosRM’s team members adhere closely to the company’s values in their relationships with clients. We are proud of our team members’ expertise and professionalism, which they consistently bring to bear in developing and implementing quality systems and food safety solutions for clients.