Food Safety Crisis Management

 ArgosRM professionals, with years of crisis management, will work closely with your team members to develop a well defined strategy around crisis management.


Food Safety Crisis Management

Part of doing business of course, is taking calculated risks to gain market share and optimize shareholder value. Due to business related risks, potential for organizational crises is ever looming on the horizon. How these crises, which adversely affects the way business is conducted, are handled is extremely critical in these times of mounting litigation and extensive media coverage.

ArgosRM will collaborate with your organization to develop and implement an integrated, comprehensive food safety Crisis Management Plan (CMP) to effectively prepare your organization for any potential food safety crises it may face. ArgosRM professionals, with years of crisis management, will work closely with your team members to develop a well-defined strategy around crisis management. To this end, we will assist your organization with the following:

  • Crisis definition and prioritization
  • Team formation and accountabilities
  • Workflow processes and communication
  • Crisis preparedness drills
  • Crisis execution assessment

While no organization wants to experience a food safety crisis during the course of conducting business, it has been proven that adequate crisis preparation and execution do reduce adverse impact to business during and after a crisis. ArgosRM partners with your organization to assess crisis preparedness and to develop the appropriate course of action for effective crisis management.


One aspect of our supplier approval program is conducting food safety audits on our suppliers. We have used the professional services of ArgosRM to conduct supplier audits and to assist with driving improvements at our suppliers.

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We used the professional services of ArgosRM to perform a Gap analysis and due diligence assessment on our quality and food safety programs. The Gap analysis not only involved our manufacturing operations, but also the retail outlet. Based on the comprehensive assessment, we were able to drive improvements in our food safety and regulatory compliance […]

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